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Customer Service Agent (CSA)

In this role you need three things - a smile, great attention to detail, and the ability to keep to a schedule. We need to meet our customers' expectations and make sure we get their groceries to them on time!


A day in the life of a CSA


Attitude speaks louder than experience.

We have some really exciting opportunities to join one of the largest growing areas of the business. Coles Online is looking for passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic team members to join their team as Customer Service Agents (CSA's).

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What next?

We'll let you know about jobs that match you!

If a job comes up, we'll ask you for a bit more information. If you're the right fit for Coles and our customers you'll then be invited to meet face to face with our team at a one-on-one interview. After that, you could be the difference at Coles in no time!